About SaucEE

Rise with me at SaucEE503

SaucEE503 LLC is a member managed Entertainment and Media production company that provides a platform for entertainers to create and record media. We have a building where local artists can rent studio time to record audio or video. We also will have a section of the business designed to create our clients own custom merchandise to build their brand. We will market and sell our custom clothing and accessories online and in store. We will be a one stop shop for Artists to safely build their brand while building ours. Our goal is to be on every major streaming platform and expand the business to a larger location with more employees.

Our Products

Our recording studio is going to provide a safe low-cost environment where Artists who have been recording in a home setting can step up to a real recording studio with their own merchandise production in house. I have worked with artists in the community and I have heard their concerns over the years. Especially for female artists in a male dominated industry there hasn’t been a woman owned studio in the town that can provide a platform like SaucEE503 is going to provide. This is a place where an artist can come and create their media and merchandise in one spot. With easy to order online options and online reservations we can limit the amount of people in the studio to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the artists. Artists can create and leave with merchandise the same day alleviating long delays and increasing their vitality. With our onsite childcare our Artists can have optimal peace while creating their art. We have local suppliers allowing for us to cater to a larger clientele with faster results and cheaper transportation costs.